Digital assets development to "Revolution of Happiness" association to recruit volunteers, raise donations and support day-to-day activities.

Revolution of Happiness
Revolution of Happiness
Revolution of Happiness

The “Revolution of Happiness” project, as part of “Shalom La’am” organization, was established with the purpose of making patients in hospitals happy throughout Israel, alleviate their spirit and improve their mood through music, singing and a lot of care. The organization operates in 14 hospitals with a capacity of more than 1000 volunteers.

“Revolution of Happiness” project set the goal of expanding the array of volunteers and raising donations to fund day-to-day operations and has chosen Pitango Digital Marketing as a partner in fulfilling the association’s vision due to the understanding that digital marketing can significantly help them to meet their goals. 

Specifying the Website to Multiple Audiences

The website was planned and adapted to different target audiences.

For donors, we set up a portal for receiving donations, for volunteers a special area where they can feel out a sign-up form, and information for patients and their families to learn about the association’s activities.

Design and Adaptation to the Association's Visual Language

The website was designed to convey the colorfulness and joy reflected in the logo and in the ongoing activities of the volunteers.

Adjusting the Website Structure for Donations and Recruitment Campaigns

Matching the website structure and functionalities to marketing campaigns to raise donations and recruit volunteers.

The site structure supports various campaigns on Google and Facebook to recruit volunteers and raise donations. Tracking codes and a measurement frame were implemented with respect to the various advertising channels. (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Analytics, and More).

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