The tools available in the digital marketing arsenal are growing with time.

Alongside Google & Facebook advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) there are other effective channels by which you can increase customer value and increase your marketing ROI.

One of the most significant tools is email marketing.

Today more than ever, people are glued to their mailbox and enter it multiple times a day.

They pay much more attention to their mailbox than a random ad that might stumble on their screen.

Therefore, email marketing gives you an excellent opportunity to create an interaction with your consumers and give added value through offers, sale promotions, relevant knowledge, etc.

It is also a great channel for retention – developing long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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    3 Three major benefits of email marketing

    Email Marketing increase the number of digital interactions with potential customers using

    A potential customer saw your ad, made contact through your website or landing page, and read about your services/products and so forth – each of these are interactions of the consumer with your brand. The more the interactions grow so will the chance to make him or her a paying customer.
    In this context, email marketing is a significant and important interaction, as part of the learning process of the client, and as it gives added value for products or services. Increasing your customers’ digital interactions might be the difference between success or failure in terms of completing a sale.

    Email Marketing revive lost leads

    One of the biggest frustrations of businesses are lost leads. After all the marketing and advertising efforts you made, a potential client made contact through the website or landing page but something on the way did not work (the client did not answer, only wanted information, did not arrive at a meeting, had to think about it and so forth).
    Email marketing is a great way to maintain a long-term business relationship with those who are “sitting on the fence” through sending reminders (emails) and by doing so, keeping the flame alive. You can notify your clients on opportunities like special deals or new products, deliver relevant information that establishes your professional stature in the field and creates value for the customers.

    As time goes by the relationships with your clients are being built and get stronger, and with the right content strategy and relevant call to actions, you can re-engage lost leads and convert them to paying clients.

    Email Marketing support customer retention

    An important success factor for any business is creating and increasing the existing client base. Email marketing is a great way to maintain and develop long term business relationships with existing clients, increase sales and decrease the abandonment rate in case of businesses that provide recurring service.

    Through proper email marketing, you can maintain an active client base, inform with sale promotions, deliver relevant knowledge about your products or services, etc. If you rely on a steady client base for income, then email marketing is an important and necessary tool for you.

    In conclusion, email marketing is a significant marketing tool with many benefits and holds the opportunity to develop a long-lasting business relationship with your potential or existing customers.

    With it, you can approach many people personally and raise customer loyalty, so when the need for your product or service arises, you will be the first to be contacted.

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