What is Paid Promotion? And why you should do it?

Paid Promotion basically means a purchase of exposure and engagement for your product or service.

You pay a fee for a particular platform (the main ones are Google, Facebook, and Instagram) and in return, it shows your ad to a target audience of your choice.

The 3 main goals of paid promotion are:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales for e-commerce
  • Brand awareness & PR

Another very significant benefit of Paid Promotion is that it’s flexible and easy to adjust.

You can run and stop campaigns and check your ROI at any time.

You can start with relatively low budgets and increase as you see that the activity is successful.

Unlike organic promotion (SEO), paid promotion puts your service/product on your customers’ screens immediately.

Organic promotion is a very important channel with a high return on investment, but it takes time (at least 3 months) until you see any results.

In addition, you can relatively easily calculate the ROI of a paid promotion activity, identify which campaigns are profitable and which are not, and expand and improve accordingly.

Paid Promotion with Adarim Digital

Adarim Digital Marketing offers a variety of paid promotion and campaign management services across various platforms.

We are proud to have “Google Partner” and “Facebook Marketing Partner” badges in addition to other certifications and 10+ years of experience.

Contact us and we will examine together how to enhance your paid promotion activities.

Boost Your Paid Promotion Activities
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    Who Should Go for Paid Promotion?

    Any company that sees its digital marketing as a growth engine is advised to incorporate regularly paid promotion into its activity.

    How is Paid Promotion Priced?

    Each advertising platform price differently:

    Google – Priced by cost per click. You pay a certain amount for each click on an ad. Also called CPC – Cost Per Click. In a nutshell, the price of each click is determined by the level of competition from other advertisers along with the relevance and quality of your ad, as Google sees it.

    Facebook and Instagram – There are several pricing options but the main and prevalent is the cost per number of ad impressions. A key metric for examining the cost of advertising on Facebook is CPM which is the cost per 1000 ad impressions.

    Paid Promotion Services

    We offer different paid promotion services:

     Facebook Paid Promotion

    There are over 4 million active users a month on Facebook in Israel and over a billion users worldwide. Your target audiences are on Facebook.

    Facebook Paid Promotion can be done well, with invested photos and well-worded posts.

    Still, in many cases, it is difficult to see or measure the results.

    Sound familiar?

    As part of Facebook marketing strategy, proper management of your Facebook page along with paid promotion is essential to get you optimal results.

    Facebook is a great channel for marketing and advertising as you can reach targeted audiences at relatively low costs.

    One of the keys to success is proper targeting of the target audiences along with analysis of the audiences to improve the conversion rate (optimization).

    In B2B marketing, Facebook paid promotion is most often (but not only) used to create the consumer’s first interaction with the brand for the purpose of creating awareness.

    Then through remarketing campaigns and other tools, you can generate a preference and a deeper awareness.

    Google Paid Promotion

    Google paid promotion allows you to appear in the first place in the search results for keywords/search terms that are relevant to your business.

    This enables direct digital marketing to targeted audiences for the purposes of creating quality leads, raising brand awareness, sales, and more.

    The big advantage of advertising in Google search network is advertising to those with a high purchase intent in many cases.

    These are actively looking for your brand name or your service.

    Another advertising option is the Google Display Network (GDN).

    The network includes millions of sites around the world with the option of selecting relevant websites for advertising, measurement options and selection of distribution channels.

    Advertising on the Google content network is an effective way to gain exposure, create brand awareness, increase and meet demand.

    In general, we can say that Google paid promotion is a measurable and effective way to achieve high-quality traffic of users and turn them into your customers.

    Instagram Paid Promotion

    Instagram is a great platform for promoting a brand strategy and an effective marketing channel.

    With over 800 million users worldwide and 250 million new photos every day, Instagram is becoming the most popular social network in Israel and in the world.

    With these numbers, it can be said that through Instagram you can reach almost anyone. So the question is – how do you do it?

    How can you stand out along with millions of photos, stories, and videos uploaded daily? How do you generate a consistent audience that increases business exposure, conversions, and business results? Paid Promotion is a great way.

    Instagram offers many and varied options for paid promotion with targeting options and different types of campaigns to directly reach the target audiences that are relevant to you.

    Want to hear more details?

    Contact us to get a quote and free consultation.

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