LinkedIn is currently the largest professional social network in the world with close to 740 million active users as of February 2021.

LinkedIn marketing is an optimal way for producing high-quality leads, creating collaborations, and exposing the business to relevant decision-makers through digital marketing.

It is without a doubt the most effective social network for businesses from the B2B world due to the huge potential for targeting down to the specific account/person level.

With LinkedIn marketing activities, you can reach directly to the relevant decision-makers – and turn them into your customers.

About LinkedIn – the Largest Professional Network in the World

LinkedIn states their vision and mission in a simple way: To connect and create economic opportunities among the network members and to promote productivity and personal success of each one.

Apparently, this is LinkedIn’s secret of success – it brings real value to its users, such value that is worth not only money but also connections & opportunities.

LinkedIn generates most of its profits from the sale of premium subscriptions, sponsored advertising, and the sale of special packages to recruiters. In December 2016, Microsoft acquired the social network.

LinkedIn Marketing Is Our Specialty

With more than 10+ years of experience in LinkedIn marketing, we see great results from our clients’ LinkedIn promotion activities.

LinkedIn marketing is a must-have for B2B companies looking to increase the quantity and quality of leads.

Ongoing campaigns on LinkedIn as part of your company’s marketing strategy can generate a competitive advantage in your industry, in local and global markets.

Enhance Your Linkedin Marketing
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    How Do You Generate Quality Leads Through Marketing on LinkedIn?

    Use Your Content

    High-quality and focused content works great with LinkedIn marketing. If you occasionally upload content to your site, share it.

    Focus on generating traffic to your site through posts and calls to action. The more traffic you generate, the more leads you will get.

    Invest in Your LinkedIn Profile

    Make sure people know you and what you are doing.

    It increases the chances that they will contact you when they will be in need of your services/products.

    Be sure to post and participate in conversations that will put your name in the minds of potential customers.

    >> How to improve your LinkedIn profile

    Use LinkedIn InMail

    LinkedIn’s direct mail tool is a paid tool that allows you to connect directly with relevant decision-makers, even those who are not in your circle of friends.

    B2B companies generate a lot of leads using this tool – one of the most effective ones.

    Reputation and Positioning Management

    Make sure to receive recommendations and “endorsements” that emphasize your professionalism.

    The more you receive, the more likely you are to receive leads and that potential clients will approach you proactively.

    Join and/or Create Groups on LinkedIn

    Today there are active groups on LinkedIn around lots of professional topics.

    Joining groups, taking part in conversations, and sharing professional materials that direct to your site will increase your circle of connections and leads

    If there is no LinkedIn group around a topic you are interested in, you can create one as well as position yourself as a leader in your field.

    If you put the time & effort into it, creating a group provides lots of connections with super relevant people.

    LinkedIn Paid Promotion

    Last but not least is LinkedIn paid advertising.

    You can create different campaign types with various targeting options that will allow you to promote your content & offers to the right people.

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