Building an innovative corporate website for SpaceGirlz - to promote entrepreneurship and gender equality in the fields of space & science.


Israel is a world leader in the fields of innovation and as a startup nation, it forms the opportunity for promoting young leadership around space and technology.

SpaceGirlz aims to promote young female entrepreneurship in collaboration with leading women and men in the space industry in Israel and around the world, in leading high-tech companies.

The organization contacted us for the development of an innovative corporate website with an unconventional structure, complex animations and more.

We are grateful to take part in this important project that promotes gender equality and young entrepreneurship.

Development of Custom CSS Animations

The organization wanted to convey its main message along with a strong call to action to lead young entrepreneurs in an innovative way that stimulates engagement.

Therefore innovative animations have been specially developed using vector elements and CSS coding.

Creation of an Engaging & Personal Team Page

Part of the organization’s worldview is that people are the most valuable and important asset. Therefore, the vision and team are presented together along with the development of a special page template designed to convey innovation and a sense of security and familiarity to the website users.

Development of a Multilingual Website Adapted to Global Marketing

The site infrastructure has been developed to suit global marketing with adaptation to different languages.

As a result, the website can reach different target audiences, whether local in Israel or globally, and promote various goals such as the creation of new collaborations and opportunities.


"We have been working together to design and build the organization's website.
This is a dream come true for me - in my way to empower young women to become the space ecosystem leaders of the future.
The website, meticulously designed, reflects these aspirations and more.
I wish to thank you for your time and hard work."

Dr. Adi Ninio Greenberg
Space & Satellites Specialist