How to adjust your LinkedIn profile to suit B2B marketing

Your LinkedIn profile is a digital business card for investors, customers, and potential partners.
It is likely that potential customers will enter your LinkedIn profile as a part of the B2B digital marketing process.

Profile Picture

Have a good quality picture profile (not pixelated), centered and clear, preferably with a smile. There is also room for creativity in choosing the background image. Try to choose something that will be related to your field of work.

Write “About” Text

At the beginning of each profile, you have the opportunity to write and present yourself freely.
Write concisely what is your expertise and experience and add a call to action to contact you if you are interested in lead generation.
It is also recommended to invest a bit more and write something personal that will strengthen the sense of security and familiarity.

Professional Experience and Education

Be sure to fill in relevant details about your employment experience and education, ones that will emphasize your professionalism & expertise.
It is also possible to associate different content you have written.


Ask for recommendations from colleagues, customers, or suppliers regarding joint projects you have had.
There is nothing better than a recommendation from a friend.


Another way to build trust with potential customers is to mention volunteering activities and how you contribute to the community.

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