B2B digital marketing (business to business) is one of the most challenging fields in the world of digital marketing. Companies that sell to other companies (Not B2C) will face a more difficult mission that requires more planning, a longer sale cycle, complex marketing, and higher budgets.

Five Useful Tools in B2B Digital Marketing

Market Research and Defining Target Audiences

It is critical to conduct research to find the precise audiences for your company and define and segment them as accurately as possible. If you don’t have the ability to define target audiences and\or your ideal customer, most likely you will waste most of your marketing budget and energy.

Usually, it is B2B companies that can easily define their ideal customer by its profession.

The research should start with the following questions:

  • Who are the target audiences and what is the ideal customer profile (ICP)?
  • What are their interests?
  • What is the product price range that is reasonable for each audience\customer profile? what are their buying habits?
  • What pain points or gains do they have and how can they be addressed?
  • In which digital areas will you find your target audiences and how would they want to communicate? what are the relevant digital marketing channels?

Understanding your target audiences will allow you to develop products and services that will be more compatible with your market. It will also help you to create better messaging, and in general, your marketing will be more effective and with a more focused approach.

A Website Suited for a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

As mentioned above, most B2B companies put significant research into their market and target audiences. In many cases, the website will be the first-time potential clients interact with your company. In addition, usually after a face-to-face/ ZOOM meeting, they will go back to the website to learn more. Therefore, the website plays a critical role in the decision-making process of potential clients.

These are the questions you need to ask when evaluating your current website:

  • Are the website, landing pages, and content compatible with your target audiences?
  • Are you using the right keywords for an organic SEO promotion?
  • Is it responsive\compatible to mobile?
  • Are you using a call to action/ power words in order to create engagement, set up meetings, or present relevant projects?
  • Do you include client testimonies or reviews?
  • Does your website have any technical problems? Be sure that there are no broken pages or links, see that the website speed and upload times are good.

The ideal is that the website will develop along with your business.
That’s in order to reflect your activity and value proposition and to improve the communication with your clients.

>> Learn more on website specifications here.

In the following video, there are lots of key points regarding B2B digital marketing with great tips and perspectives that can be applied while working on your website and on your overall digital marketing activity. The key points are planning of marketing funnels, content strategy, how to build “Customer Personas” and sharpen the messages and call to action, how to determine goals & KPIs, and more.

Watch it! Highly Recommended.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You can build a good-looking store, but if clients will not enter it, the whole deal will not be worth too much. This is when SEO gets into the picture. SEO activity is complex and takes time, energy, and resources but pays off in the long term.

In a nutshell, organic promotion is comprised of optimizing the website itself – the structure, promotion of relevant keywords, proper use of the content, and much more. There is also an importance to the quality and number of links that lead to your website, to increase its credibility and authority. Relevant organic traffic generates extremely high ROI.

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    Paid Promotion

    If you wish to generate traffic immediately, without waiting, it is recommended to use paid promotion. There are different platforms/methods that offer this kind of promotion, the most known are Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, and each has its own rules.

    When done right paid promotion is a great way to attract new customers. Usually, the pricing method is CPC (Cost Per Click) but there are different methods of pricing (like paying for the impressions num., payment per video views, or per purchase/ action in other advertising platforms).

    Social Media

    Social media has entered our lives a long time ago and probably won’t leave soon. As far as a B2B product can be viral, or not, social media marketing is still a critical part of almost any B2B digital marketing strategy – especially LinkedIn but not only.

    How come? Most prospective clients will look for you on social media to learn more about your business and to get a “second opinion”. In many cases, social media is responsible for the first interaction of a client in a B2B marketing funnel. So, if you have not created LinkedIn and Facebook pages, do it now.

    The higher quality information you will put in your business pages the better: referring to your activity, your products, and all relevant knowledge that can generate added value.

    It is important to link posts to your website – it can improve the company’s website organic ranking and improve your audience engagement.

    There are plenty of content types that you can share: tips that are relevant for your industry, repeating problems that your clients are facing and how you are there to help, special features that your products or services have, success stories, testimonials, frequently asked questions, etc.

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