Google Ads Keyword Strategy

An effective model for choosing the right keywords strategy when working with Google Ads:

Different keywords represent different levels of intention and interest regarding the product or services that you offer.

Some of the keywords represent searches that are closer to conversion with a higher buying intent, while other keywords represent searches that are done by people who are in an earlier stage of their market research.

The infographic below is categorizing different keywords by how close they are to conversion.

Keywords that represent a higher buying intent will fall into categories that are closer to the center and keywords at the outer layers are farther from conversion.

Obviously, you should invest most of your time and resources in keywords that are closer to conversion.

When developing the structure of your ads account you should first maximize the results from keywords that are closer to conversion, and then expand to the outer circles.

The categorization of keywords in a nutshell (from the center of the circle outwards):

  • Keywords that relate to the brand / the name of the company.
  • Keywords that relate to products that are offered or a problem that these products can solve.
  • Keywords that relate to substitute or replacement products.
  • Keywords that relate to complementary products.
  • Keywords that relate to the target audience we want to reach or the industry that we are in.

This categorization allows for better marketing funnels and customer journeys, sharper marketing messages, and basically, you’ll get better conversion rates which means better results and profit.

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