Managing a digital marketing campaign to strengthen awareness and preference for the brand among the target audiences, as well as lead generation in a variety of digital marketing channels.

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HL Cosmetics is one of the leading brands in the professional cosmetics segment in Israel. The brand’s products are marketed directly and exclusively to beauticians for the benefit of beauty treatments and sale to end consumers after professional skin diagnosis (B2B2C). HL has a local manufacturing plant and a spectacular digital concept store located in Tel Aviv.

Campaign Description

HL decided to embark on a move to strengthen brand awareness and preference among the target audiences, combined with lead generation from beauticians interested in marketing the company’s products.

After receiving the brief from HL’s Marketing Department, we at Pitango Digital Marketing, started the process of planning and implementing the campaign.

The campaign lasted 3 months:

  • First month – creating awareness and exposure (WHAT). 
  • Second month – focusing on professional content and refining the USP (unique selling proposition) of the brand (WHY).
  • Third month – creating involvement while focusing on Lead Generation (HOW).

Throughout the campaign a large number of ads and videos were incorporated in the media plan.

What Did We Do?

Digital Campaign Management

AIDA digital marketing campaign configuration:

  • Attention, Interest– Creating a broad and relevant marketing ‘funnel’ to increase company awareness among target audiences.
  • Desire– Delivering the target audience a learning process about HL Cosmetics while refining the company’s unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Action – Realization of the increase in demand in the form of lead generation. 

Preparation of Digital Infrastructure and Planning of Activities in the Digital Marketing Channels

The campaign included a variety of digital marketing platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Outbrain, YouTube, and Google.
Each channel had its own relevant audience, a remarketing audience, and a measurement framework for the activity – conversion tracking, ROI model, and more.

Ongoing Optimization of the Campaign

Depending on the performance of the campaign, ongoing optimization was carried out in the various marketing channels according to the goals and objectives set for each stage of the campaign.

This included creating complex marketing funnels built from several digital marketing channels together, A / B tests, adjusting bidding strategies in the various channels, editing and scheduling the campaigns, optimization of ad placements, and more.

Campaign Results

In market research that measured, among other things, the effectiveness of advertising, and was conducted on behalf of HL by an external research institute in early 2022 – the impressions were particularly good. The brand, which operates with a unique marketing strategy, has improved awareness and preference metrics, and the trend is positive. 

The number of leads received increased by more than 100% compared to the months before the campaign and the cost per lead decreased by almost 50%.

Campaign Videos